Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Have I lost my mind?

Let me start with this - 
I,Jennifer, am NOT a runner. That being said ... I started training today for a half marathon ... In 12 weeks ... Yeah, that's 13.1 miles ... Running. 😳 

 I have a problem saying 'no' to people which is why I was able to be talked in to doing this. ::shaking my head:: this will be interesting and I will finish ... Even if I crawl. I WANT that 13.1 sticker for my car and to prove to myself that I can do more than I ever thought possible. 

Friday, June 7, 2013


Where did my 12 days off go? Too fast for sure. I got back Tuesday night and thankfully had Wednesday off and I stayed at home to sleep and recuperate before work the rest of the week. Had a fun trip to Disney but I am wiped out! 

We stayed at Disney's "art of animation" resort and we were in Radiator springs! So cute with all the "cars" characters.

I took way too many photos but wanted to post a few of my favorites. 

I stood in line for an hour to get my photo with Chewbacca! Preston was sssooo jealous. He kissed me! LoL and I'm not sure what the ewok was doing, maybe he was saying turn the camera off we needed some privacy. Ha

Last year we didn't see these people! The lady playing the evil stepmother was so funny, she has just the right facial expressions! Sadly we couldn't get our photo with them because they were about to do a parade and we didn't see them again after that day :(

Cinderella's castle just magical :)

Princess jasmine at breakfast in the castle, aren't their costumes fabulous? 

My favorite thing to do is watch the beauty and the beast show, who needs broadway? I recorded it so that I can watch it again. It's just fabulous!! Love them :) makes me think of Preston and I lol you should see what my "beast" looks like now!

This is one of my favorite photos of the trip, waiting in line for a ride and took this photo. Julia has the real look of fear on her face lol

Monday, May 20, 2013

Chalk board craft :)

I am so proud of myself and even though it took me all weekend I made an awesome (to me) chalk board for our kitchen/dining area out of an old cabinet door. And now I shall just post the progression photos from start to finish!

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Preston left Wednesday for a loooooong time, I may get lucky and see him for a few days at the first of August ... If not then it will be the first of September and only for 2 days :( so yeah that's a long time. I need things to to keep my mind off of that so today I decided to finally get things for our patio. We have lived in these apartments for almost 2 years (yikes!) and we have never gotten patio furniture! I love to sit outside and read and I had a hammock chair that we got in Cozumel hanging outside last summer but Kimberly and Preston hated that thing so I was told not to put it up this year. Bummer. So today I went to big lots (yep I shop there and I don't care) and found beach themed chairs and bright colored pillows and a small table and a little decor. I really like the way it came out and the only thing I really need to get is some of the big round colored lights on a string to hang outside above the chairs :) Margaritaville anyone? :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Coconut oil

Who would have thought that putting oil on your face was a good thing? Not me! I have always had oily skin and its so annoying (but they say you'll wrinkle less and later in life :wink: ) I'm constantly looking for a good makeup to help reduce shine and I use the oil blot sheets daily (love them) and unfortunately a little over a year ago I decided to get acne. I thought I was in the clear because I didn't really have an issue with that when I was in my teens ... But 25ish hit and bam! It was so bad that I had to go to the dermatologist and had all sorts of things done and took this high power medicine where I couldn't even be in the sun last summer (pasty is the new tan) and these things helped a lot but I'm still left with red spots on parts of my face and every few weeks I'm still having minor breakouts :-/ I use a powerful face wash that's really hard to get my hands on now but it does its job to keep acne away but these spots i just cant seem to get rid of. makeup covers them but i used to only wear Powder (I hate wearing liquid foundation) and id love to get back to that. So last week I read somewhere all the fabulous benefits that coconut oil may provide for you (inside and out but right now im only interested in the skin part) So did some searching and found a fan favorite to use and I went to the local granary and bought it. I've been using it for a few days, I will wash my face at night (with my heavy duty wash) and put it on in place of my moisturizer (I also have dry skin around my mouth because of my powerful face wash, I just can't win) then I will wash in the morning with my gentle wash and then put the oil on again and wear it under my makeup (as moisturizer again) I tried not to get my hopes of BUT I am happy to say that just after a few days the red spots have visibly started to fade away!! And my skin feels better and looks better! I never would have thought. So there you go, google the uses (even for cooking!) it might be something that you could benefit from too!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Packed weekend! I'm tired

Preston came home late Wednesday night and so I decided to take some much needed time off work and have a 4 day weekend. Thursday we had a family day (Preston, Kimberly and I) we all slept in and spent the day at the mall and eating junk food and just being lazy in general. It was nice and we ended the day with my new favorite dish (different recipe) chicken spaghetti.

Friday was a pretty laid back day too (I knew our weekend was packed and I really wanted to have Thursday and Friday to relax and not have plans and go with the flow) we didn't do much during the day, we visited his parents, Preston got a new phone (it's not an iPhone!) and we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse with our friends and ate too many of their rolls!

Saturday we went to the renaissance faire in troup, I have never been and Preston hasn't been since he was younger. I actually enjoyed it a lot. Preston took some axe throwing lessons and he was able to at least hit the target by the end of it. I was so wiped out Saturday that I fell asleep pretty early that night. I am 80 after all.

Sunday is my favorite day because we went to watch the Rangers play!! And that's my favorite thing to do! It was an awesome game with lots of home runs and a grand slam by Cruz! I love being at the exciting games with lots of crowd participation. I'm ready to go again, hoping to work in another game before Disney trip.

Back to work tomorrow :-/ it was beyond nice being off for 4 days but they went too fast! Hoping for a good week with short days and long nights.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Time, who has it?

Ah so much fun has been going on and too much work also! Why do we have to work? All we do is work to pay bills ... I just want to spend time with my loves every day and be on a permanent vacation and never have to work again ... What a nice dream :) but I try to have fun when I can anyway, like weekend before last ... Opening weekend for baseball in Texas, need I say more? Oh how I looooove baseball, even though we were playing against Hamilton and everyone boo'd him it was still a fun game (we lost too btw) but I didn't care much. Hamilton will always be my número uno and people will get over his trade eventually.

Major thing I did last week was chop my hair off and get some highlights! I love it. It's only hair it will grow back. Preston has been wanting me to cut it shorter for a while and I finally gave in and I'm happy I did. I think it also makes me look older which is fabulous I'm tired of being 18 ;)

This last Friday night I had my two girls for a sleepover and had lots of fun with them! Friday night was soccer practice,sonic to eat and play, orange leaf for dessert and then back to my apt to watch a movie till they passed out at 9. Julia (5) plays soccer and its so cute watching them all run around chasing the ball. I loved going to her games Saturday, these babies are family to me and I love to spending time with them. Only 43 days until we all fly out to Disney World!!! We are so excited :) I haven't had a week long vacation since we last went to Disney in dec. 2011! I'm so over due for 11 straight days off of work just relaxing and having carefree fun! Only thing that would make it better would be if Preston was with me.

Preston is headed home! He should arrive Wednesday night, it's been a long 3 weeks and he will only be home for about 2 1/2 weeks and then he is gone for months:( praying hard he finds a new job SOON as always because we are both tired of this. I have lots of fun things this weekend planned for us! Stay tuned!